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Our platform helps you to boost your customer support

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BlinkIn is a perfect example of how Stellantis digital transformation is improving our responsivness to our customer needs

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Xavier Chéreau
Chief Transformation Officer, Stellantis
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For every industry

We help a variety of industries improve their CX and scale their customer care operations so they can provide top-quality customer service while reducing costs.

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Consumer Electronics

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Tech Support

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True innovation can not be done alone.

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Save Costs

Remote collaboration in realtime and Augmented Reality annotations helps you to handhold your customers at each step from diagnosis to successful resolution reducing dispatch rate. 

Increase CX

BlinkIn empowers you to be available 24×7 for your customer 

Automate your processes

Be more efficient and effective by automating your customer support processes

Our Technology

BlinkIN combines deep learning, big data, and proprietary computer vision algorithms to provide customers and support representatives with intelligent visual assistance

Visual Bot

Our Visual Bot guides users, automates proceses and allows self service by the user.

Augmented Reality

Guide users with the help of Augmented Reality and help them faster to solve their problems

One Click Remote Assistance

BlinkIN eliminates the complexity of downloading, installing and managing an App, It works with the tap of a single link.

Shine, when your customers need you most

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