Make your claim handling process more effective and efficient with BlinkIN Visual Engagement Platform.



Help your customers

Your customer wants to report a damage quickly and in a convenient way. With using BlinkIns Real Time Video Platform you can assess the damage remotely..

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Help your adjusters

Eliminate costly onsite visits by providing the right toolkit for your adjusters. Adjusters can see and assess the damage over a smart video call. Our visualbot helps to identify the damages.

So Intuitive, So Easy

How BlinkIn helps the Insurance Industry

Save money

Onsite visits are costly. Reduce these costs by giving visual assistance.

Use Artificial Intelligence

Let our visual bot guide your customers through the claim process and save time and resources.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Resolve problems faster and enable selfservice by the customer.

Transfer Knowledge

Help your adjusters being more effective and efficient

Digitalise Claims Management

Report, document and manage claims with our CRM platform.

No App Download

Nobody wants to download an app when they need help. Just send out a link and start resolving problems.


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